On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 4:56 PM, Chris <devnullacco...@yahoo.se> wrote:
> I wanted to reverse-merge some accidental changes on a subdirectory on my 
> branch and svn really confuses me in this. Is the below behavior from 
> subversion intended or have I stubled on a bug?
> I wanted to reverse-merge revision 1000 on all the files in the directory 
> "sub/dir", below illustrated with only one file.
> wcroot> svn diff --summarize -c 1000 sub/dir
> M sub/dir/foobar.txt
> wcroot> svn merge -c -1000 sub/dir
> --- Recording mergeinfo for reverse merge of r1000 into '.':
>  U   .
> So the file sub/dir/foobar.txt is not reverse-merged (and the merge info is 
> elided even though the output does not say so)
> I tried a few different versions of this with e.g. -r 1000:999 with identical 
> results.
> Then I did the following, which I thought would be more of the same:
> wcroot> cd foo/bar
> wcroot/foo/bar> svn merge -c -1000 .
> --- Reverse-merging r1000 into '.':
> U    sub/dir/foobar.txt
> --- Recording mergeinfo for reverse merge of r1000 into '.':
>  G   .
> --- Eliding mergeinfo from '.':
>  U   .
> So now it does what I wanted to.
> Is it intended that merge should do different things if I use "." or 
> "sub/dir" as my WCTARGET? I find it confusing and it was mostly luck that I 
> stumbled on the right solution. "svn help merge" does not seem to indicate 
> that these two use cases should be any different, but I may misread it.
> Btw, this was done with "svn, version 1.9.5 (r1770682)"
> TIA,
>   Chris

Hi Chris,

That does seem strange. However it's quite hard to diagnose this from
your description alone, because there are a lot of things that can
play a role in the merge algorithm.

Would you be able to come up with a reproduction script, or even just
a transcript of you reproducing the issue, starting from a clean
repository ('svnadmin create'; ...)?

For a reproduction script you could use the repro-template.sh or
repro-template.bat linked from here:


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