> On 31 Mar 2018, at 1:28 AM, Daniel Shahaf <d...@daniel.shahaf.name> wrote:
> wuzhouhui wrote on Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 19:26:08 +0800:
>> The width of terminal is 80 column, but the width of output of 'svn shelves' 
>> is 82
>> at least, I think 80 is better.
> Thanks for testing the pre-releases.
>> What do you think?
> Agreed in principle, but cannot reproduce the original problem.  With current
> trunk, the output for me is 70 columns.  By code inspection, that should be 
> the
> case so long as the shelf name is ≤29 characters (plus or minus the length of

Following code which produces shelves's output is quoted from

                                 _("%-30s %6d mins old %10ld bytes %4d paths 
                                 name, age, (long)info->dirent->filesize,

According to the format string, it will output 82 characters (30+6+10+4+32=82) 
at least.

> the right-hand side description, which can vary by ±5 columns).
> What version are you testing with?

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