Bo Berglund wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 16:41 +0200:
> Now he has put his project sources into:
> /Projectname/trunk/Projectname
> What is the best way to fix this so it will reside in
> /Projectname/trunk instead?
> - Check out /Projectname/trunk and receive subdir Projectname
> - Move to trunk on client
> - svn mv Projectname/* ./*
> - svn ci -m "log message"

This is fine.  Note that * does not usually match dotfiles, so you
should make sure to also 'svn mv Projectname/.foo .foo' for every
dotfile in Projectname/.

There are other ways but in this case there's no need for them.
(They're more useful in the opposite case, when one wants to switch from
a ^/<files> structure to a ^/trunk/<files> structure; or if there were
branches of /Projectname/trunk/Projectname around.)

> Or after checkout:
> - Move to trunk/Projectname on client
> - svn mv * ../
> - mv ..
> - svn ci -m "log message"

Assuming the second 'mv' was meant to be a 'cd', that's equivalent.



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