hello SVN Users,

I have set up a basic SVN Server with svn+ssh:// auth (System users with LDAP)
by wrapping svnserve [1]

I have a few questions for which I could not find answers in the manual:

- In my svnserve wrapper I call this:

exec /usr/bin/svnserve "$@" -r /repos

-> Does the (Linux-) system automatically call this with "-t"?

- If I use ssh auth (svn+ssh://), do I have to change the options in <repo>/svnserve.conf,  like anon-access=none? (I just want access based on file system permissions, and no
 anon access)

- I am migrating from a 3rd party server which used a different directory structure,
  and system users (no LDAP), but also svn+ssh://.
  Can I keep all the history, even if some old users in the 3rd party server are not   available in the new LDAP auth? (but of course the user names of existing users are kept)   In other words: does a SVN Server store the user information (history) as strings or
  something else that is linked to accounts?

- I am using strict permissions for two (LDAP-)groups in the base directories for the repos  (/repos/students, /repos/employees). The Howto I used [1] is using "umask 002" in the
 wrapper. I think for my case (groups) "007" is sufficient, right?

[1] https://www.startupcto.com/server-tech/subversion/setting-up-svn

Please CC: me, as I am not subscribed.

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