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> Both are correct in my eyes, just the information, that svn:ingore is
> listed by svn propget/proplist when using parameter --show-inherited-props,
> is missing. I would write something like:
> ...the patterns found in the svn:ignore property apply only to the
> directory on which that property is set, and not to any of its
> subdirectories, however it will still be listed by svn propget/proplist
> commands on subdirectories when using parameter --show-inherited-props.

As this is a change to the book, it should probably be discussed on the
svnbook-dev list (see

I'm not personally convinced since the inheritance (or rather
non-inheritance) is discussed in the section about inheritable properties (,
that section is prior to the section about ignoring unversioned items. But
we can have that discussion on the correct mailing list.

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