Den lör 8 apr. 2023 kl 21:18 skrev Maxim Cournoyer <>:

Thanks for your help in verifying my environment!

> > I'm currently leaning towards something fishy with compiler/libraries
> used
> > in guix. I'm trying to figure out exactly how this goes wrong, but
> threads
> > programming is far from my comfort zone. In case anyone else would like
> to
> > pick up, feel free!
> I think the problem probably be reproducible from another i686-linux
> distribution; perhaps it could be tried using Docker for example.

I've spent the afternoon setting up two virtual machines under Virtual Box

- Debian 11.6 i386 (uname -a says "5.10.0-21-686 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.162-1
(2023-01-21 i686 GNU/Linux")

- Guix 1.4.0 i686 (uname -a says "6.0.10-gnu #1 SMP PREEMPTY_DYNAMIC 1 i686

Both are assigned 6 CPUs each and 4GB memory. Both run APR 1.7.0

On the Debian machine, I've checked out Subversion trunk and on Guix I've
downloaded the distrubution tarball for 1.14.2.

Both are configured with --enable-maintainer-mode and nothing else. On the
Debian machine I have gcc 10.2.1-6. On Guix, I did "guix install gcc@10.3".
I've also added libraries as needed to have configure complete
successfully. Unfortunately, I can't figure out some libraries/function
under Guix, for example Serf, Boost and APXS (for building mod_dav_svn).

On the good side: Under Guix, I can reproduce the same error as Maxim,
mostly the assert on put_xlate_handle_node. I've run the test suite 5 times
and only once was it successful. This at least proves there isn't a problem
in the way the Guix system download and configure Subversion.

However under Debian, I can't see the same error. I've run the test suite
at least 5 times and not a single failure.

I've checked apr.h on both systems and APR_HAS_THREADS is 1 on both of them.

At this point, I can't figure out what else to do. To me it still seems
there is something strange with the Guix environment / distribution.
Obviously the tests above are not completely the same, for example because
of the differences in libraries I'm using (in particular, I can't see if
there was any specific options in the APR build).

Kind regards,

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