> When merging from trunk to branch, and then back to trunk again, with various 
> branches,
> I find that a certain group of files are repeatedly included in the merges 
> with just mergeinfo changes.
> This is a bit annoying because it makes it less easy to identify the files 
> that had significant changes.
> Is there any way I can stop this happening for those files?

The problem is called "explicit subtree mergeinfo", where there are 
svn:mergeinfo properties set on paths other than the level that merges are 
normally performed. There exists a valid use case (namely: subtree merges), but 
more frequently this happens after incomplete switches between paths.

The following is typed from memory. It removes any explicit merge tracking 
information on subtrees, under the assumption that they represent the same data 
already recorded on the main path. Make sure the consequences are understood.

# ensure a clean trunk copy, updated without switched subtrees.
# On trunk, remove all svn:mergeinfo recursively
svn propdel -R svn:mergeinfo
# except of course the main one you want to keep
svn revert .
# check the
svn diff [...]
# try some merges from branches
# and if you are happy
svn commit [...]

If you do the same on a branch, which is otherwise up to date with it's parent 
(usually trunk), a good sanity check is to do the above, and then check if 
another sync merge does what you expect in this case: Nothing.


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