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> This is not a problem on the server.  As I wrote in my original e-mail,
> there is no network traffic at all between the client and server in the
> failure case.
> I have confirmed this by reproducing the problem when the server has its
> network cable unplugged.   I know what the message is supposed to mean, but
> the client is reporting the wrong error.
> After some further experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that it
> is treating the hostname “svn” specially.  The host has another hostname in
> DNS and I can correctly access the server using that name.

I don't think there is any special treatment of the hostname "svn" within
the Subversion codebase. As a test, I added "svn" in my hosts file and I
was able to checkout http://svn/svn/repo just fine. (The server would
normally be http://some.domain.tld/svn/repo).

I suspect that you have some special handling of "svn" on your
computer/local network. Either you have it in the hosts file or you have a
domain suffix search list specified and svn.searchlist.domain resolves to a
different machine compared to the FQDN you are using.

What IP address is used if you try to ping just svn? What IP address is
used if you ping the FQDN?

C:\Users\dsg>ping svn

Pinging svn [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=4ms TTL=64

It is conceivable that there is a DNS resolver problem.  However the error
>> message being produced is completely wrong and grossly misleading.
> The error message indicates that there is a server responding on whatever
IP address "svn" resolves to. If you would use an address that is not
resolvable you would get an error message indicating unknown hostname. If
you use the correct host name but an incorrect repository or an incorrect
path within that repository you will get two other error messages
indicating that Subversion is unable to connect to the repository or the
path doesn't exist.

If the address actually resolves to something, it is impossible to say if
that result is wrong (compared to what you expect). Thus the error message
can only say "we found a server at the requested address but it doesn't
want to speak to us". I can agree that the "HTTP/DAV protocol" is not very
helpful but rather technical.

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