Many thanks for the response much appreciated, after fixing an issue with gpg 
its working now


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Subject: Re: Problem storing passwords when using subversion
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Den fre 1 sep. 2023 kl 14:04 skrev Mark Wood-Patrick via users 
I'm using subversion 1.14.1 on CentOS release 6.8 and trying to get subversion 
to store my credentials.

Please check the svn --version command, it should say something like this 
towards the end of the output:

The following authentication credential caches are available:

* Plaintext cache in /home/dsg/.subversion
* Gnome Keyring
* GPG-Agent
* KWallet (KDE)

Viewing ~/.subversion/servers it seems like passwords should be stored by 



I have:

      password-stores = gpg-agent,gnome-keyring,kwallet

However, when I try to do a checkout it continues to prompt me to enter my 
password, any idea what I'm doing wrong or how to determine why it's not 

Have you configured gnome keyring or kwallet?

Are you using Subversion within a graphical session or through SSH? I think 
gnome keyring/kwallet are only available in graphical sessions.

Where can I find the correct version of the docs for subversion 1.14.1

The default compile time configuration in Subversion 1.12 to 1.14 disables the 
plaintext cache (as you can see above, I have compiled my own version and 
enabled the plaintext cache).

The FAQ explain this in more details.

If you can accept the security implications of storing the password in 
plaintext there is a script available in the FAQ:

Kind regards,
Daniel Sahlberg

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