Dear subversion community,

as part of a daily backup process, I do "svnadmin dump"s, gzip them
and create several encrypted backups of the "*.dump.gz".

Now, the svn admin dump step (svnadmin dump -q ...)
worked without errors (exit code 0 and no errors on stdout/stderr),
and during the next step (encrypted backup) the VM crashed.

When looking into the log, I see that there was an I/O error on the
disk which is used by the VM. Now I now that the foo.dump.gz
are correctly backed up, but are they consistent (i.e. not affected
by the I/O error(s))?

So the question is: Does "svnadmin dump" do some consistency
checks (like svnadmin verify does)?
Regarding "svnadmin verify path/on/server": Can I be sure that
this does not modify the data?

Or do I have to use "svnadmin load" (on another machine),
does "load" do more consistency checks?

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