For sure, we use hotcopy incrementally to not copy whole repos every time. We 
use hotcopy because we want full backups, incl. configs, and for transactional 
consistency. The NAS is mounted with SMBv3.
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On Sat, Oct 21, 2023 at 4:53 AM Daniel Sahlberg
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> Hi,
> A user reported the above error in the TortoiseSVN user group [1]. I advised 
> them to send it here but for some reason that doesn’t work (I’ve checked that 
> it isn’t waiting for moderation). I’m taking the liberty to copy the original 
> question below:
> ——
> Hey there, we do hotcopies of our repos every night. Occasionally, for some 
> time now, hotcopy fails with the following error:
>   svnadmin: E150002: Destination 'K:\repo01\db\locks\2ca' already exists
> Mostly, a second run finishes without any errors.
> It does not happen to the same repos every day. So the next day it could be:
>   svnadmin: E150002: Destination 'K:\repo05\db\locks\02c' already exists
> or
>   svnadmin: E150002: Destination 'K:\repo13\db\locks\039' already exists
> The affected locks-folders are always different.
> It happens to old repos that were not touched in a long time, as well as 
> currently used ones.
> Destination is a SMB file share on a Synology NAS (HDDs). As I see, svnadmin 
> hotcopy clears the locks-folders in the destination every time. Can it be 
> that the NAS is just too slow and cannot keep up with this process?
> Thanks!
> ——
> Kind regards,
> Daniel Sahlberg
> 1

"Old repos" hints at a lot of issues. Failing hard drives on the NAS
is one. timeouts if you're doing this on a CIFS mounted drive is
another. Why aren't you doing svnsync or an rsync based tool, rather
than svnadmin hotcopy, to reduce the burden of copying the entire

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