Den sön 26 nov. 2023 kl 22:51 skrev Graham Leggett via users <>:

> On 25 Nov 2023, at 13:40, Pavel Lyalyakin <>
> wrote:
> `svnmucc put` perhaps?
> From reading the manual it looks perfect, but I’m having no luck:
> [root@seawitch postgres]# cat db.sql | svnmucc put -
> file:///var/lib/svn/db/db.sql
> svnmucc: invalid option:
> Type 'svnmucc --help' for usage.
> Alas the error message mentions an invalid option, but doesn’t say which
> option, or why it is invalid.

The documentation say:
  put SRC-FILE URL       : add or modify file URL with contents copied from
                           SRC-FILE (use "-" to read from standard input)

So as far as I'm reading the documentation, the command you are using
should be supported. I would say this is a bug, either in the argument
handling or in the documentation.

Can you instead try:
$ svnmucc put db.sql file:///var/lib/svn/db/db.sql

I will bring this discussion to the to figure out
if we need to change the documentation or if we can fix the code.

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