It seems nobody has ever been able to implement the ITemplateSourceDelegate

Does it mean that it is simply not possible ?

I tried to implement this interface but as others people, I got a
NullPointerException in the method TemplateParser.addTextToken().

Here my code:

public class TemplateSourceDelegate implements ITemplateSourceDelegate {

    * Method called by Tapestry when it is unable to find the template of a
component or a page

   public ComponentTemplate findTemplate(IRequestCycle cycle, IComponent
component, Locale locale) {

       Resource res = component.getSpecification

       String componentAttributeName = "jwcid";

       // code that retrives the template in a db:
       char[] templateData = "<h2>Test</h2>".toCharArray();

       ITemplateParserDelegate delegate = new
DefaultParserDelegate(component, componentAttributeName, cycle, new

       TemplateToken[] tokens;
       ITemplateParser parser = new TemplateParser();

       try {
           // code that throws a NullPointerException:
           tokens = parser.parse(templateData, delegate, res);
       catch (TemplateParseException ex) {
           throw new ApplicationRuntimeException("Error in
TemplateSourceDelegate", ex);

       return new ComponentTemplate(templateData, tokens);




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