Where do you want to pass this id? Back to the server? If so, maybe it
would be more efficient to log this info on the server while you are
rendering the new html for the updated zone, before the response is even
sent (instead of waiting for the zone to be updated, then sending a new
request to the server informing it of the update)?

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 11:17 AM, Adam X <vbgnm3c...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to wrap my head around the new 5.4 JS support. I have the
> following module which gets invoked whenever a zone is updated,
> however, I have 12 zones on my page periodically updated. I don't know
> at runtime which zone is updated, but I need to be notified about it.
> So I have the following module:
> define(["t5/core/dom", "t5/core/events"], function(dom, events) {
>     return function() {
>         dom.onDocument(events.zone.didUpdate, function() {
>             alert('how can I get ID of a zone that was updated?');
>         });
>     }
> });
> I have a hard time figuring out how to pass the ID of a zone that was
> updated.
> Adam
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