Hi tapestry users,

I’m developing a configurable dashboard page where a user can select different 
widgets to his own dashboard. I’m thinking on save on database the widgets with 
his configuration per user. I would like to do something like this:

<t:loop source="widgets" value="widget">
        <t:delegate to=“createWidget”/>                         

And in my page class something like:

public Block getCreateWidget(){

        return componentSource.getComponent(widget.getComponentClassName()); 
<!-— This method “getComponent” by name/class doesn´t exists, only for logical 
page names —>

Where widget.getComponentClassName() returns, for example, "components/Widget1” 
or “my.package.components.Widget1".

Do you know if it’s possible this approach on Tapestry5?? With pages it works 
fine (I do it multiple times for email rendering), but with components I don’t 
found a method o service…

For other hand, I found a core component “Dynamic”. Is there any example of use?

Thank you everyone

Best regards

Carlos Montero

http://tapestry5.dev-util.com/ <http://tapestry5.dev-util.com/>

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