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>I have been thinking about this issue all day, and I think the
>specification needs more work on this area.
>There is certainly no need for a container to wade through hundreds
>maybe even thousands of classes in search of something that does not
>It is an unnecessary task which consumes both time and resources.
>I am all for making it easier for a developer, and make the container
>scan everything by default.
>But there is also an obvious need for a solution to specifically define
>where a container should look for annotations when we have web
>applications with very large amount of classes.
>Even if it has to be an XML-file, such as in Spring where you can
>instruct  the framework where to look for beans, entities, controllers
>and such.
>Mark, is there a way we can influence the EG to change this?
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The bad news is that this is a 3.0 feature so we are way past being able to 
influence it. Personally I dislike most of the 3.0 pluggability featutes.

If you have ideas how to improve things then the EG lists Rainer pointed you to 
is the place to take them.


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