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> Subject: Multiple tomcat containers or instance on same servers
> I would need help to configure different application in their
> respective tomcat container.
> Does having multiple containers is same as have multiple instances on
> the same server?
> I already have tomcat 6.0.26 installed through an installer on a
> Windows Server 2008 R2. How do I go about configuring multiple
> containers or instances?
> Thanks for your prompt response

First, I highly recommend upgrading to 6.0.36.
Otherwise, it is very easy.  Just run the installer again giving the new 
instance a different name and set of ports.
You should use "-1" for the shutdown port on all instances, as it is really not 
needed for Tomcats running as a Windows service.
Otherwise, configure each additional instance as you would a single instance.
Just remember, each connector must have a unique IP_Address/Port combination on 
the system, when you are done.

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