On Thursday, December 26, 2013 6:10 PM, Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org> wrote:
On 26/12/2013 17:14, Ray Holme wrote:
> It appears new revisions of tomcat (current for sure) are much more
> sensitive to keeping serialized data BETWEEN restarts. I have to wait
> at least 30 minutes to properly restart my applications.

Nope. Nothing has changed in the session serialization code since the
Tomcat 4.1.x days. It still works exactly the same way.

> In the OLD days $CATALINA_HOME/work/Catalina/localhost/appName/*.ser
> was where things were kept and I could remove these files before a
> startup. I no longer see these files and I am sure they are
> someplace.

Only if you have configured Tomcat to place them somewhere else.

NOPE, I have NOT changed the configuration AND YES I download directly from ASF.

> I have a couple java beans that are application wide resources. So
> tomcat does NOT complain, they are compiled saying they can be
> serialized (they can while the app is running, but not between
> shutdown/startup. It it these beans which I really do not want OLD
> copies found when tomcat restarts. But there is no reason to keep ANY
> serialized data between tomcat instances.

I assume you are placing these beans in the session.

YES, they need to be found by other beans.

> Can anyone tell me how to tell tomcat to NOT use old serialized data
> at startup?

Have you tried reading the manual for the session manager you are using?
You could start here:

Thanks, ON IT.

> OR How to delete it so it cannot be found?

If sessions are serialised, the file will be created wherever you tell
Tomcat to create it.

> I run on fedora.

Ah. If you are using a Fedora packaged version of Tomcat I suggest you
direct your enquires to whomever maintains that package and ask them
where they opted to move the session serialization files to.
Alternatively you could remove the 3rd party packaged version of Tomcat,
download Tomcat from the ASF and install it in your location of choice
so you know exactly where every single file is that Tomcat is using.

Yes I download and run fedora, yes I download Tomcat DIRECTLY from ASF.
No packages.
Will read your link and thanks. Best.


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