I am running Tomcat 7.0.41 on a Windows laptop (8.1 Pro). I know, I know - I
get what I deserve in such a configuration.


Actually, it was running fine until about a month ago. Something went
horribly wrong that required I re-install Windows and, basically, start from
scratch. My reason for running Tomcat here? I have a Windows client app,
written in Java, that talks to the Tomcat/JSP server via HTTP. 


Since re-installing tomcat and my server application, it runs fine when I
connect to it from a web browser. However, when I tell my desktop client app
to connect to the server, it fails on the initial connection with a 405
status. I am running the server is debug, from Eclipse, and have put
breakpoints in the doGet, doPost, and doPut methods of my ControllerServlet
class that extends the java.servlet.http.HttpServlet. None of these
breakpoints fire before the client gets back the 405 status. (the client
works fine if connecting to the real server running tomcat 6 on an Ubuntu


I can find no place locally where verb filtering is being configured.


Any idea will be greatly appreciated.


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