try "manager", located in the webapps/manager. You need to edit your
tomcat-users.xml, After that you can deploy your app via manager.

2014-09-16 8:11 GMT+08:00 James H. H. Lampert <>:

> We have a rather large WAR file. 89,925,956 bytes. And we have cable
> internet. With its usual extremely asymmetrical bandwidth: a download pipe
> the size of an air conditioning duct, and an upload pipe the size of an
> insulin needle.
> Squirting this huge WAR file through such a narrow pipe takes over half an
> hour. But our web and FTP servers are on a hosting service's server, so
> they're not passing through the narrow pipe.
> Can I, from Manager, deploy a WAR file that's sitting on a web or FTP
> site, instead of on my local system?
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