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On 4/24/15 7:40 AM, Thusitha Thilina Dayaratne wrote:
> Furthermore I've tried following things out and both options works
> without issue.
> 1. Running tomcat distributed examples in my server 2. Running the
> war file that I built inside Tomcat
> I've mistaken here. My war file doesn't run on Tomcat either.
> When I used the following dependency to build the example webapp,
> instead of 302 I'm getting 404 error.
> <dependency> <groupId>javax.websocket</groupId> 
> <artifactId>javax.websocket-api</artifactId> 
> <version>1.0</version> <scope>provided</scope> </dependency>
> Am I having wrong dependency here? If so what are the dependencies
> that I should include when do the build?

You aren't getting very many responses, here.

The problem is that you are asking for solutions to problems that
nobody understands. You are asking us "why doesn't this work", but you
haven't told us what it is.

Imagine that I am writing a web application that needs to process
financial transactions (e.g. DEBIT, CREDIT), and it's not working for
some reason. If I asked you "why does my web application return 404",
but didn't provide any code, or any explanation of the architecture,
or any of that, you would have no idea what could possibly be wrong
with my code. It could be simple a configuration problem. It could be
a complete misunderstanding of how a web application works. It could
be a very rarely-seen bug that only occurs when users with an account
number that happens to be a prime number plus one try to do a DEBIT

So, take a step back.

The Tomcat distributed examples work. That's great: it means that
Tomcat itself is capable of running Websocket applications.

Your application does not work: it seemed to be returning a 302 error
which may suggest that the Websocket library hasn't properly initialized

Are you using Tomcat in an embedded way, or are you launching it from
the traditional bin/startup.sh, etc. way? Are you trying to side-load
the Websocket library, or are you expecting that Tomcat will
auto-detect and initialize it? Does your own code include anything
other than servlets that request an upgrade to a Websocket connection
and then do their thing?

Without this information, nobody will be able to help you.

It's frustrating to have to beg for information in order to help
people. You have posted a lot of questions recently on this list where
the responses are all of the form "I can't help because you haven't
provided enough information". Your responses tend to ask new questions
and not really provide that vital information to help you.

None of us are paid for the time we spend answering questions on this
mailing list -- at least, nobody that I know of. At some point, people
stop bothering to ask, because they just expect that you are going to
ignore the requests for more information and they will still be unable
to help.

So, again: take a step back.

Remember that none of us has even a passing understanding of what you
are trying to build, how you are building it, what the Maven
dependencies are (or even mean, in some cases), etc. You need to tell
us all of that to give us some context.

Then we might be able to help you.

- -chris
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