I will have two applications running on my tomcat server

Jira on port 8080 and confluence on port 8090

I'm going to get an ssl cert for the server which I'll call something like

Once I get my ssl cert for test.mysite.com how do I go about setting up the
configuration file for tomcat so that both sites can share the cert.

I've been using regular apache for years and know how to do it with virtual
hosts in httpd.conf and ssl.conf but tomcat is new to me.

any pointers would be appreciated.

I'm thinking I'd like to map 8080 to something like test.mysite.com/jira
and 8090 to test.mysite.com/confluence

but I'm open to all ideas.

I see tomcat want to use port 8443 for ssl

I have read this page:
https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/ssl-howto.html but am unsure how
to handle multiple apps on the same server that listen on different ports.



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