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On 1/25/16 4:12 AM, Theo Sweeny wrote:
> Hi Chris -
> On 1/14/16 5:53 AM, Theo Sweeny wrote:
>> Hello Kyohei,
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>> Re: Tomcat 8 Application dispatcherServlet Stats
>> What does "response time" mean?
>> The "Processing time" include a time that is from the end of service
>> method of servlet instance until the end of
>> StandardWrapperValve#invoke().
>> 2016-01-14 17:27 GMT+09:00 Theo Sweeny <>:
>>> Hello Kyohei,
>>> -----Original Message----- From: Kyohei Nakamura
>>> [] Sent: 14 January 2016
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>>> Re: Tomcat 8 Application dispatcherServlet Stats
>>> Hello
>>> The "Processing time" metric represents the execution time of
>>> StandardWrapperValve#invoke(). This is the execution time of the
>>> servlet and filters. This value of "Processing time" is the total
>>> time of each request execution time.
>>> What is the dispatcherServlet? If dispatcherServlet accept all
>>> request as a front controller(like Spring's DispatcherServlet), then
>>> this value is the total execution time of all request that the
>>> context receive.
>>> 2016-01-13 20:19 GMT+09:00 Theo Sweeny
>>> <>:
>>>> Hello - at the moment stats can be found for Tomcat 8 web services
>>>> using the manager UI /manager/status/all
>>>> Is the "Processing time" metric found under dispatcherServlet [ / ]
>>>> subsection, the total time take to serve all requests, including
>>>> the response time for each request?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Theo
>>> Does the total execution time for each request include the response
>>> time?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Theo
>> I think indirectly you have answered my question. From a network
>> perspective you have the initial connection time to send the request
>> (request time), then you have the time to process the request, and
>> finally response time back to the client. Both the processing time
>> and response time for the purpose of this task are merged under the
>> umbrella of response time. So going full circle - the
>> dispatcherServlet Processing time fits the bill of response time.
> There is a case where this might not actually give you what you are
> looking for -- which sounds essentially like the amount of time the
> server spent processing that request.
> If StandardWrapperValve only times how long invoke() takes and (and I
> haven't read the code, so I'm not sure) some component in Tomcat
> executes *after* invoke() completes for the purposes of flushing any
> buffered data back to the client, then "Processing Time" may be off by
> the amount of time it takes Tomcat to flush those buffers back to the
> client. If you have big buffers or slow clients, this could add up
> quickly.
> -chris
> Thanks for the reply. I've done some further digging into the
> Application List Startup Time. Here is one example from the Tomcat
> Manager -
> localhost/account-information-bs-1.1##v1.1.1 Start time: Fri Jan 22
> 13:26:17 GMT 2016 Startup time: 33 ms TLD scan time: 0 ms
> When the startup time is compared back to the catalina.out log for the
> same webapp, the time is dramatically more (307,324 ms) as seen here -
> 22-Jan-2016 13:26:17.204 INFO [localhost-startStop-15]
> org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWAR Deployment of web
> application archive
> /opt/tomcat/webapps/account-information-bs-1.1##v1.1.1.war has
> finished in 307,324 ms
> Any ideas why such a difference exists?

The above is the time it takes to deploy the application, not the time it takes 
to service a request (or a whole bunch of requests over a period of time).

Maybe I don't understand your question?

- -chris

Sorry - I went off topic a bit. Yes the original question was regarding request 
processing time. The latter question is regarding start up time, which you 
mentioned as one being the startup time and the other the deployment time.

Thanks for the help.


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