On 22/02/2016 08:53, Me Self wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> When I put the context in server.xml it works fine, but if I put the same
>>> context tag in a xml file under /conf/Catalina/localhost/test.xml then
>>> tomcat doesn't pick it up. I would rather want to use the latter.
>> You need to set deployOnStartup="true" for that to work.
> And for that to work I would have to grant write access on the webapps
> folder for tomcat user?

Only if you want Tomcat to expand a WAR file in the appBase. There are
several ways you can avoid that:
- expand the WAR manually before Tomcat starts
- only place the expanded directory in the appBase
- set unpackWARs="false" on the host

Personally, I'd go with the second option.


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