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> Monday works. I might try experimenting with some ideas between now and then 
> anyway.

Hi again,

A bit shorter reply this time, because of time shortage. I preferred to focus 
the little time I managed to "break free" on testing the trunk version of 
Tomcat 8 :)

And... it looks really great! I have performed some JMeter tests now, and here 
are the results:

Tomcat 8.0.32
Average 2500 ms per request.

Tomcat 8 trunk (revision 81735040)
Average 360 ms per request

Tomcat 7.0.68
Average 290 ms per request

Test setup:
- Windows 8
- JMeter 2.13
- Tomcat with a custom webapp, on Escenic CMS
- JMeter running with one thread, and a throttle (Constant Throughput Timer) 
set to 12 samples per minute (ie 5 seconds between each request)
- Testing the start page (with lots of content)
- Tomcat started fresh, and the webapp visited a few times in the browser as a 
- Waited until CPU fan and CPU load settled down before starting the test
- No other traffic to Tomcat during the test
- No resource hungry program running except Tomcat and JMeter

So, all in all, I see a huge improvement with our site. Going from 2500 ms to 
360 ms. :)
As you can see, compared to Tomcat 7 it is still an increase with 70 ms, but 
for our site that is not a "deal breaker".


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