Thks, !
For postgres I dont have problem because I have xp with this but for Tomcat and 
Java and newbie with big projects .
I am using Java 8 

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Subject: Re: Memory and resources for Tomcat

On 3/17/2016 3:32 PM, Edwin Quijada wrote:
> Hi! I am using Tomcat + APache +Postgres in the same machine server
> with 8GB Ram I wanna know what is the best configuration memory or
> anything else for better performance of my Tomcat?
> I have 400 user +-
> My app is Grails + Vaadin +PostgreSQL

Memory for Grails:

Search for memory on the Wiki page. However, even for trivial
applications it appears to consume 512 MB. Since you didn't say what
version of Java you're running, it's hard to tell you what (if any)
memory settings you'll need.

Tomcat by itself uses very little memory

Memory for Vaadin:

There are several pieces of information concerning memory usage.

Application memory in general:

The above two links are for general information. The memory actually
used is highly dependent on your application (see notes in the second
link above). The best way to determine this is to measure (VisualVM,
Java Mission Control, etc.).

Memory for PostgreSQL:

Again, this appears to be in part connection and schema dependent.
Measurement is your only true option.

In short, use the above links to get yourself into the ballpark. Then
run your application under load and measure. Tomcat is probably the
least resource-intensive component of your architecture.

The above links are the result of less than 5 minutes of searching /
skimming using Google.

. . . just my two cents

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