> From: Theo Sweeny [mailto:theo.swe...@avios.com] 
> Subject: Tomcat 8 Hung State

> yesterday Tomcat 8 went into a hung state, because an external API went 
> offline.

> Eventually the external service was restored but Tomcat was unable to 
> recovery from it.

> When a new connection is sent to Tomcat the connection hangs as no additional 
> thread 
> can be allocated to the new request.

> Here is an example of the log -

> com.spring.application.repository.product.price.IlogPriceRepository.getPrices_aroundBody0
> (IlogPriceRepository.java:104)

Note that this is application, not Tomcat, code.

> Are there any ideas as to why Tomcat is unable to free up its threads?

Because your webapp code never returns to Tomcat.  Whatever requests your 
webapp made to the external API were likely lost, but your webapp was still 
expecting response(s).  The webapp needs to include some kind of timeout and 
recovery logic when accessing an external API to make sure it doesn't get stuck 
there forever.  Nothing Tomcat can do about anti-social behavior inside your 
webapp, other than report it.

 - Chuck

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