2016-09-20 21:51 GMT+02:00 Colin Ingarfield <colin...@gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> A thread from a day or two ago mentioned a NPE in SecureNioChannel
> when the connector is configured with Http11NioProtocol.  OP mentioned
> using Http11Nio2Protocol resolves the issue.  I am also seeing this
> exception and it is resolved by switching to the Nio2 protocol
> implementation.

This is not the same NPE, but it is probably caused by the same thing as
the previous one and it will be fixed in Tomcat 8.5.6. The SSL engine seems
null, probably due to processSNI not doing anything while not returning an

> Is this a reasonable workaround until TC 8.5.6?  Are there
> dis/advantages to using Nio2 instead of Nio?

There's no workaround.
NIO2 is a cleaner API, and it has fancy capabilities. The code in Tomcat
looks better IMO compared to the NIO or APR connectors, but NIO2 is missing
a few features so some algorithms are very complex. Also the fancy features
haven't given any performance benefit (HTTP/2 could have benefited but it's
still too high level).


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