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Handshake on Tomcat 7.0.39 Getting Internal Error: Key format
must be RAW


This may be the most promising page on the Internet, but of
course Red Hat wants you to pay to read it:


I can't see the "verified solution", or I'd reprint it here
without permission :)

The resolution says to either disable TLS 1.2 or FIPS mode.

The root cause is the PKCS#11 implementation included in Java 7 and
8 does not support TLS 1.2 when in FIPS mode as documented in
OpenJDK bug JDK-8029661

See also:


for posting this.

Good old FIPS: hobbling real security since 1994.

Thanks also, but does this explain fully the symptoms seen by the OP ? As I recall, he had 3 apparently similar servers, configured similarly, but where 2 were seeing the problem and the third one not.
Or was there another difference which he did not tell us about, and where ?

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