My team has elected me to upgrade Tomcat from 7.X to 8.5.5+ on our very
old and very large web application.

Under Tomcat 7.x, this application uses the tomcat-juli-adapters to replace
JULI with log4j1.16. Worked like a charm for years.

Under Tomcat 8.5.5, I'm getting exceptions such as:
       java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/juli/WebappProperties

Googling this led me to the discovery that log4j1.x support via
tomcat-juli-adapters was
discontinued in Tomcat 8.5, as described here:

My understanding is that JULI can be replaced by log4j2 without the
but I cannot find a description on how to do this.

Can anyone describe to me how this is done?

It is no longer covered in the user documentation as it was on earlier



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