On 22 September 2016 16:57:50 BST, Mike Johnson <mike.john...@nosm.ca> wrote:
>The default web.xml that is in the conf directory on a Windows install

And that is why you are seeing the behaviour you are. That is the default 
web.xml that is inherited by all webapps.  There are complex rules for how to 
merge the default with the web.xml supplied by a webapp. The rules are based on 
the rules for merging web-fragment.xml files but I'd need to check the code for 
the details. 

You see different behavior with the Manager app because it already had security 
contraints so the ones you add merge differently. To add to the fun there is 
another set of complex rules in the spec about how multiple constraints merge.
In 8.x you'll probably have better luck with the rewrite valve.


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