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We are using a Tomcat version 8.0.36 but however as we also have few 
applications hosted in EJB, we went ahead in utilizing the TOMEE WAR on our 
Tomcat server to provide the required container for EJB deployments. Now, when 
the tomcat server is started in secure mode, there are few permissions as 
highlighted below that seem to be mandatory for successful TOMEE WAR deployment.

ü  grant codeBase "file:${catalina.base}/webapps/tomee/-" {permission 

ü  permission java.security.SecurityPermission "setPolicy";

ü  permission javax.security.auth.AuthPermission "doAsPrivileged";

Providing the above highlighted permission is not approved by our 
Infrastructure team citing security risks. The questions we have are:

Ø  Are we really compromising security in any way when we provide the 
highlighted permission??

Ø  Considering TOMEE is also an Apache product, do you recommend providing ALL 
permissions for TOMEE??

Ø  Are there any other alternatives or recommendations to make the TOMEE war 
deployment successful without providing the above said permissions??

Thank You for the support & advice...

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