On 13/10/2016 16:04, Campbell, Lance wrote:
> Tomcat 8.0.38
> In my Eclipse development environment when particular servlet requests are 
> made I want to simulate going through Shibboleth prior to Tomcat handling the 
> request.  I wanted to see if this will work.
> In Eclipse within each dynamic web application I would add a valve to the 
> context.xml file.
> The valve would:
> 1)      Check the URL request.
> 2)      If the URL string matches a list then it will add particular name 
> value pairs to the request.
> Example of a possible valve:
> <Valve className="my.valves.ShibbolethSimulationValve" />
> 1)      Can a valve actually identify a particular URL path?

Yes. Valves have access to Tomcat's internal request and response objects.

> 2)      Can a valve add an attribute to the request prior to the servlet 
> getting the request?


> 3)      If item #1 and #2 will work does anyone have some base code for a 
> value that would get me started down the correct path?

Have a look in the org.apache.catalina.valves package. SemaphoreValve
and CrawlerSessionManagerValve should give you an idea.

Note that you can also do all of the above with a Filter that isn't
Tomcat specific and would, therefore, be usable with other containers as


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