Hi Apache Team,

Got 2 tomcat hosting same web application. Tomcats are  installed on
dedicated centos(6.8) VMs.  Everything was working fine in tomcat7 till
upgrade to tomcat8(8.0.38).

Now on one server, i am getting below error..
java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to

e.g code iFacType = (Integer)userprofilesettings.get("facilityType");

Can you guys pls help understand
a) why it happens only on one server . is it something to do non
deterministic loader as reported in
b) Since its happening only on one server. is there any quick fix i can
use..fyi,if i downgrade  to tomcat 7 on VM, application works fine.

Regards, neet.

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