On 19/06/17 10:06, Fady Haikal wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I need to know if Tomcat can handle around 2000 concurent user, 17000
> number of simultaneouse transactions peak per 10 minutes, assuming the
> application can handle them, in additional i need to know what is the
> recommended configuration for Tomcat in order to handle this number of
> requests.

Tomcat will easily handle this. The limiting factor will be the
application and/or the hardware you are running on.

How can 2000 concurrent users generate 17000 simultaneous transactions?

Regarding configuration, the factors you need to consider are:
- concurrent connections (active and inactive)
- concurrent active connections (i.e. actively processing a request)
- new requests made per second
- average time taken to process a request

Depending on the answers, the default configuration may be sufficient.

The alert reader may have noticed that at least one of the factors above
can be derived from the others. This is deliberate. I want to see if the
answers provide are internally consistent.


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