On 8/9/17 8:35 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 09/08/17 16:09, David Wall wrote:
We're using Tomcat 8.5.16 with Java 1.8.0_91, Vaadin 7.7.10 and
Atmosphere Websockets.

We have had reports of sessions logging out while users are active with
our Vaadin-based application.  This has been frustrating as we can't
seem to track down why Tomcat's session is not being updated, but figure
it's something to do with the websockets/push not updating Tomcat reliably.

Our app shows a "last sent to server" timestamp that seems to keep
current with user activity, updating as the user clicks on buttons,
checkboxes, etc.

We also have a "list of active sessions" screen that shows all active
sessions including the HttpSession.getCreationTime() and
HttpSession.getLastAccessedTime().  We see it appears as if the last
accessed time stops being updated when using simple forms that perhaps
update via websockets rather than HTTP requests.  Our "last sent to
server" timestamp shows each of these clicks updating it, but the
HttpSession.getLastAccessedTime() is not updating.

Is there something about push/websockets or anything else that would
cause the HttpSession access time not to update?  I don't think we have
a way to update it ourselves as I believe it's managed by Tomcat itself,
but as Tomcat is handling the websocket requests, it's unclear why they
are not tied to the HttpSession.

Anybody have any ideas?  Thanks as we have a lot of frustrated users who
would love for us to find out what's going astray.
What you are seeing is expected behaviour. This was discussed in the
WebSocket EG. The short version is:
- WebSocket requests don't update the session's last accessed time
- you need an HTTP request from the browser to update the session's
   last accessed time (and update the expiry time of the browser's
   session cookie)
- so the application has to do periodic HTTP requests.

You can reduce the frequency of these requests by extending the session
timeout (remembering you need an HTTP request after this to update the
browser's cookie). You then need to be careful to reduce the timeout
again once WebSocket comms end.


Thanks, Mark. Let me check but it is my impression that a HEARTBEAT type request is sent every 5 minutes, but I'll investigate further. You at least answered my question and we should be able to find a solution of that nature.


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