This is weird. I've never seen this before.

Then again, I don't think I've installed Tomcat on Linux from a tarball before: the previous CentOS installation was, if I remember right, via Yum, and the one Debian installation I've done was via apt-get.

But I can apparently no longer reach the Yum repository from our CentOS 5 boxes, so I went with the tarball.

It launches. The port opens. It shows up in a netstat. And I can reach it at either or port 8080 at the box's own IP address.

From the box it's running on.

But if I try to reach it from other boxes on the same LAN, I get "Firefox can't establish a connection" whether I use the box's name (from boxes that have it in their host table), or its IP address.

I can ping the box. And I can reach Samba shares on it. And I can ssh to it.

The only firewall on the Lan is a TP-Link N750, and if it has any settings in place to block traffic within the LAN, I can't find them.

I've got three different Tomcat 7 servers all running on the LAN, and can reach them easily.


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