> On 30 Aug 2017, at 00:16, Christopher Schultz <ch...@christopherschultz.net> 
> wrote:
>>> Another thing, is there any way you can measure the processing
>>> time in JBoss for each RMI calls?
>> At the moment I’m not measuring the time on the jboss side but I’m
>> considering using a telemetry product in the future. I’m measuring
>> the time on the client side (tomcat or fat client).
> I think it's critical to get metrics on the JBoss side, otherwise you
> don't even know where the problem might be. It's good information to
> have that the application running within Tomcat performs well
> immediately following a metaspace collection

this and the fact that other “clients” are not slow

> , but it's not enough
> information to inform a good decision.
> RMI is known for flagrantly wasting permgen/metaspace because of all
> the Proxy objects and special throw-away Class objects it uses, etc.
> But I'm not sure why the metaspace filling up would have such a
> dramatic effect on performance. If you were stalling during a
> metaspace collection, it might make sense, but that's not what you are
> reporting.

That’s true in fact what I’d like to understand is if a big metaspace can 
affect performance… one thing I want to try is to run the app with metaspace 
capped at 400/500MB. On java 7 I had PermGen at 512 and as far as I remember, 
it was working fine.

> It's like saying that HTTP traffic slows down on your PC
> until you empty your Recycle Bin.
> At any rate, this is not a problem with Tomcat itself: this is likely
> entirely JVM-related. I'm sure everyone is happy to discuss it, here
> (on a Tomcat-specific mailing list), but there aren't any
> Tomcat-related settings that you will be able to tweak that affect
> your environment in any way.

Thank you for your suggestions!
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