On 05.09.2017 12:38, ford royal wrote:
HI team,

I have installed Tomcat on windows 2012 r2

as a Windows Service ?
From where did you get/download this tomcat ?

 , but I get page cannot be displayed
when I try to open http:\\localhost:8080

The correct path is probably http://localhost:8080

I have given Java path also

where ?

but still no.

How did you start tomcat ?

Java 8 update 144  tomcat is 8.5.20

thank you for that info, it will help gain time.

please guide

What do the tomcat logs say ?

Is tomcat really running ?
Is the port 8080 really listening, and owned by tomcat ?

(open a command window, and enter : netstat -p tcp -aopn
then paste the output here)

(I really mean paste, as text. Don't send a screenshot or other attachments, this list software strips them).

If there is a firewall running, is the port 8080 allowed for incoming 
connections ?

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