Good morning,

Many thanks for your reply. I updated again windows to the latest version 
(1703) and TomCat is working properly again. Is possible that windows and 
Tomcat share some config files so that when windows is downgraded Tomcat stops 
working fine?


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> Good morning,
> I am having the following problem with TomCat: I open Tomcat Monitor 
> and start the service but after a few seconds, it stops. The Apache 
> service is running.
> One week ago, my windows updated to the latest version but yesterday I 
> had to restore again the previous version as some applications stopped 
> working with the latest update. This morning when I tried to start 
> Tomcat service, I got the above issue. I have tried to generate a 
> threat dump file from the Monitor but there is o tomcatNN-stdout.DATE.log 
> file in the logs folder.
> I am quite new in Tomcat world so any help you can provide would be 
> appreciated.
> I am using:
> TomCat 8.0.44
> Windows10 Pro version 1607
> System type 64-bit
> Many thanks in advance.

Do you have any server monitoring installed?  Maybe check if OS has run out of 
memory or something.

> Best regards.
> Irene.

Guang <>

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