On Thu, Sep 07, 2017 at 04:07:25PM +0530, Mohammad Nayeem wrote:
> We have installed apace and configured mod_jk connector along with a
> load-balancer for 2 tomcat servers.
> We were able to successfully start apache and we got the login page of our
> application hosted on it, but the functionality is lost. For example, when
> we hit login button on home page, nothing happens. Also, we tried access
> some specific web page using a direct url, we ended up with an error.
> Do you have any suggestion for me so that we can achieve the exact same
> functionality that we had without apache in the front?


o  When you say, "we ended up with an error," tell us what the error
   message says.  It is very difficult to diagnose an unknown error.

o  When you say, "nothing happens," what should happen, in detail?
   Check Tomcat's log files for the time at which nothing happened.
   Check your applications log files for that time.  If the logs say
   nothing about the operation, then it's time to insert more logging
   in your application code, or attach a debugger and step through the
   code, to see what it is doing.

o  Your browser may have developer tools that can show you requests
   and responses, which may help you to determine what is happening.
   I like a Firefox add-on called Firebug, if you need a suggestion.

o  In general, if we are to help, we need a lot more detail than "it
   doesn't work."  Too much information is better than too little.

o  My recollection is that this list does not forward attachments.  If
   the evidence is too large to simply copy into an email body, you
   could post it on something like Pastebin or Github Gist and refer
   to the URL in your messages.

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