A web application that is not mine needs to be initialized after it starts 
before some resources are available. Manually, I would start tomcat (9.0.0.M9 
on redhat linux) then request http://example.com:8080/start-up.

The web application has a servlet configured with 

I am attempting to do the initialization by creating a servlet that is 
configured with <load-on-startup>2</load-on-startup>. But, I have not figured 
out how to use the 1st servlet from the 2nd.

The second servlet only implements the init method. It is never going to 
receive a request. Its only purpose is to invoke the first servlet.

How can I find the path of the other servlet and send it a request, without 
having first received a request? I can’t use a ServletRequestListener, because 
I want the initialization to occur before the first servlet receives its first 


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