On 12.09.2017 03:00, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
I have setup a webapp (main app) that is uploaded with a war file and
second one ("images") that is just a dir in the webapp dir, no war file.
Sometimes (not always) on tomcat restart/system reboot images gets
deleted.   How can I prevent this.
That's easy: You just don't assume that you're patching your WAR file: Anything that you're deploying as web application comes from one source. If you need an extra image directory, have it outside of your website. This also gives you a clue that you'll have to cater for a backup of anything outside of your webapps directory - assuming that you can rebuild your webapps any time from source.

You might want to provide a DownloadServlet in order to access those files. This also saves you from the attack vector of someone uploading files ending in ".jsp", that might be used for server-side-code-execution attacks if you're having them handled the same way any files in your webapp directory are handled by tomcat.


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