Hi all,

Sorry for cross posting, but I thought this pertinent to both lists.

I hear that there was lots of talk about quickstarts and/or the need
for quickstarts at the most recent TomcatCon. I've been working on
some off and on for a while now and rather enjoy creating them; I'd
like to formalize them into something that the Tomcat distribution can
utilize. While I'm working on that, does anyone out there already have
a collection of quickstarts that they'd like to share/contribute? Or
does anyone want to contribute to a quickstarts development
initiative? What sort of quickstarts would people like to see? And
lastly, where would they live (I don't see any repositories for
quickstarts on the Apache github)?

I have a small set of quickstarts here
https://github.com/csutherl/tomcat-embedded-quickstarts/ with a couple
listed TODO items that came from some questions in #tomcat on freenode
and other places that I plan to start expanding.



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