I am running TC 8.0 on WinServer8 on a commercially hosted platform with a WAMP environment.   I am running around 10 virtual hosts.   2 hosts are dedicated to JSPWiki.  The other 8 are running variations of the same custom application with around 10-15 individual webapps each.

When I am running 7 of the 10 hosts, performance is great.  I get JSP response time under a second.  But when I add just a couple of more of the hosts, my page response time on all of the apps goes from an acceptable under a second to horrible at around 15-20 seconds per page.  It doesn't seem to be a specific host causing the problem.  Reducing overall hosts in any order makes the problem go away.

I've looked at the the processor utilization during the good times and slow times, and don't see a significant difference.  I have 16GB of memory, and it consistently shows about 35% utilization.  I also checked mySQL response time, and the per-query SQL response does not vary.  So it doesn't appear to be a db problem.

I suspect there is some TC configuration parameter such as heap, etc that I need to tweak. (But I'm not getting OutOfMemory errors).  But I don't know which one, and I don't know a formula to use to figure out what to set it to.  So I just need a little education.  What tools can I use to help me figure out what is going south slowing everything to a crawl when the extra hosts come online?  And what parameters should I be looking at (and how should I calculate the proper values based on number of hosts)?




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