Hi All,

I have got a basic question related to usage of Async servlet with tomcat
NIO connector.

I want to use Async servlet with Non Block I/O as per servlet spec

Such that the http worker threads are released and the container threads
won't be sitting idle for I/O operations too.

I am on Tomcat 7. As i understand the default tomcat connector (BIO) is a
blocking one and is on a thread per connection model. I am not clear on
whether using async Non Blocking I/o in servlets won't suffice ? Won't the
http worker threads be released here or will it be held for the lifetime of
the connection ?

NIO connector will use request per threads or allocate threads when
processing is required .Will using NIO selector only release the http
worker threads if it is used in conjunction with
Asynchronous Non blocking I/O servlets ?

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