I've got a case of disappearing JARs from my webapps lib folder which I can't 
seem to solve, hopefully someone on the list can provide some pointers.

We've got a number of webapps which are deployed by an installer already 
exploded (The war is exploded and wrapped by the installer) without the WAR 
been deployed.  We are using tomcat 8.0 running as multiple instances, all 
configured with them running as windows services.

The environment is a virtualised environment running on Windows Server 2012 
with the VMs stored and running from a SAN.  Generally everything works as 
expected, we can start and stop the services, restart the VMs with no problems. 
 However whenever there has been a power failure (I don't know what would shut 
down first the SAN or the VM hosts when the UPS runs out) on restart, when the 
services start back, up some or all of the JARs from the deployed apps have 

In the latest instance of this happening,  the VM it occurred on had 5 
instances of Tomcat running, however only 1 tomcat instance had missing JARs.  
Within this was two webapps, 1 was missing 1 library the other was missing all 
80 which obviously caused them not to work.  None of the other files within the 
webapp are effected and it's happened with different webapps on different VMs 
but configured the same way (explored WAR from an installer)

My question is, can this be caused by Tomcat at all, eg is it trying to 
undeploy for some reason or is the answer somewhere else in the environment?

Many thanks,


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