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On 11/3/17 5:17 PM, dbol...@dsginc.biz wrote:
> From:   Christopher Schultz <ch...@christopherschultz.net> To:
> users@tomcat.apache.org Date:   11/02/2017 02:28 PM Subject:
> Re: TomCat 8.5.23 application not responding
> Darin,
> On 11/2/17 12:55 PM, dbol...@dsginc.biz wrote:
>> I have a TomCat 8.5.23 service running on a Windows 2008 R2.  It
>> is currently running a third party web commerce application.  It
>> will run great until randomly one day the application will stop 
>> responding.  When you try to go to the application URL it sits
>> and spins.  I look at the catalina log and found the below errors
>> at the time it stop responding. Is this a tomcat configuration
>> issue or application related.
>> I see three specific warning/severe messages in Tomcat.
>> Error one: 02-Nov-2017 10:03:23.787 WARNING 
>> [http-nio-9080-exec-402] 
>> com.sun.faces.renderkit.html_basic.HtmlBasicRenderer.getForComponent
Unable to find component with ID searchPattern in view.
>> Then right after there is a severe message error 2:
>> 02-Nov-2017 10:03:23.896 SEVERE [http-nio-9080-exec-455] 
>> org.restlet.engine.http.adapter.ServerAdapter.commit An
>> exception occured writing the response entity 
>> org.apache.catalina.connector.ClientAbortException: 
>> java.io.IOException: An established connection was aborted by
>> the software in your host machine
>> Then the warning messages constant all the way down until this
>> all the way down until we had to reboot the service because of
>> no response.
>> 02-Nov-2017 10:03:23.896 WARNING [http-nio-9080-exec-455] 
>> org.restlet.engine.http.HttpServerHelper.handle Error while 
>> handling an HTTP server call: 02-Nov-2017 10:03:23.896 INFO 
>> [http-nio-9080-exec-455] 
>> org.restlet.engine.http.HttpServerHelper.handle Error while 
>> handling an HTTP server call java.lang.IllegalStateException: 
>> Cannot call sendError() after the response has been committed
> Can you take some thread dumps to show what the Tomcat threads are 
> doing? One thread dump will probably be very long, but go ahead
> and post the whole thing to the list.
> -chris
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> I have been unable to post the thread dump because of size no
> matter how much I send under the 1 MB rule.  Is there another way I
> can send it to you.  Thanks.
> I do see a lot of Blocked messages, see example.  I was not able to
> post the whole dump.
> "http-nio-9080-exec-305" #3888 daemon prio=5 os_prio=0 
> tid=0x000000001f445000 nid=0x230 waiting for monitor entry 
> [0x000000004341d000] java.lang.Thread.State: BLOCKED (on object
> monitor) at 
> com.mincron.api.restlet.dm.ProductDM.getCategoryItemList(Unknown
> Source) - waiting to lock <0x0000000696269dc0> (a java.lang.Class
> for com.mincron.api.restlet.dm.ProductDM) at 
> com.mincron.api.restlet.resource.CategoryItemListResource.retrieve(Unk
>  Source)

Your own code is blocking on something -- whatever a ProductDM is. If
you recompile your code with "debug" symbols enabled, you can see line
numbers and you'll be able to find out exactly what's going on.

- -chris
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