Thanks for the clarification Mark. I feel better knowing why.
It also could have been that Linux worked as it was being re-brought up.i.e. 
when I do an application.war release, I clean out the Tomcat work directory.
The problem seems to be the "first" time.

    On Monday, November 6, 2017 7:53 AM, Mark Thomas <> wrote:

 On 04/11/17 22:26, Ray Holme wrote:
> We have a working application running under tomcat 8.5.13
> I have been trying to reduce start up time and reduce TLD scanning which was 
> taking too long.
> By adding the jars in my .../WEB-INF/ lib to the NO scan line in the 
> file I got this under control ( a couple minutes went 
> down to 1 second or less).
> However two libraries I use and added NEEDED to be removed from the exclusion 
> list as they caused (on MAC not on Linux where the application worked fine - 
> 2nd weirdness) this problem:
> org.apache.jasper.JasperException: The absolute uri: 
> cannot be resolved in either web.xml or the 
> jar files deployed with this application
> The above problem caused a page to show as a white screen (it would not work).
> i.e. THE JARS NEED TO BE SCANNED (at least by the MAC Tomcat)
> These jars were: jstl-api-1.2.jar and jstl-impl-1.2.jar
> Can anyone explain this? It makes no sense to me and I would feel better if 
> there was a reason.

Those are tag libraries. The tag libraries need to be registered in
order to work. That is what the TLD (tag library descriptor) scan does.
If that scan is disabled, the TLDs aren't registered and the tag library
won't work.

As for the Mac vs Linux behaviour, I suspect different configurations.


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