I am writing to this mailing group again because I finally know that Tomcat is 
the cause of the problem(after writing to an expert)
and thus I hope to sort help for this problem.

The tomcat version is Apache Tomcat 9.0.4 windows 64.

Eclipse Oxygen.
Project : Maven dynamic MVC web app with Hibernate, JPA and JSP.
MySQL server 5.7.

Whenever, I run debug on jsp, after submitting the form, tomcat will just stop 
and Eclipse does not take over the debugging.

All the breakpoints are there and perspective is showing debug mode, except the 
debug buttons are all grey out though.

I do not know how to make Tomcat not stopping.

Kindly advise if there is a setting I have missed out such that the above 
scenario is happening.

Tks & rgds,

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